What To Do When Norton Causes Software Conflicts?

Have you recently installed Norton antivirus on your computer and starting to realize that it is slowing down your computer’s performance? The prime reason could be the pre-installed Norton on your PC. If this is the case, you need to uninstall Norton sustain fast performance.

You might be wondering why two different Norton products would impair your computer’s speed. It is simple! Both the products have the same job and when a malicious program is detected in your computer, both the Norton software will clash to perform scan resulting in the poor performance of the operating system.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to uninstall Norton before you go for another security product. If you have been deleting files from the main source to remove the software form your computer, you have been doing it wrong until now. It causes complexity to uninstall Norton without an error. To know how to uninstall Norton program from your computer, follow the steps below.

How to uninstall Norton?

  1. Click on the Windows icon/ Go to start menu
  2. Click Control Panel/ Settings
  3. Select Programs & features and if Windows 10 users would go to System> Settings menu
  4. Go to Programs & features/ Apps & Features
  5. Now, click Norton in the list
  6. Click Norton uninstall
  7. Confirm when the dialogue box appears

Let the uninstalling complete and restart your computer thereafter. Now open the Norton antivirus available in your device and keep it updated to remove the problem.

Alternatively, if the same problem is occurring on your mobile phone, then you need to go for Norton uninstall. To uninstall Norton from android, long tap on the Norton icon and uninstall the app. However, if the problem persists, connect to the official service provider to get instant help.

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