Webroot is a prominent leader in the world of online security. The Broomfield based brand has carved out a niche for itself as one of the trusted antivirus and security software providers. The brand renders a plethora of security software to ensure your digital privacy and protection against the harmful viruses, malware, and other online threats.

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Most of Webroot anti-viruses have built-in anti-spyware, personal firewall, backup utility program, and other additional security features that ensure the following:

  1. Privacy and the confidentiality of the data
  2. Protection of your software and applications
  3. Safe web browsing
  4. Safe downloads
  5. Secure data transfers
  6. Secure web transactions

To get Webroot SecureAnywhere, Webroot Internet Security, and other anti-virus solutions from this well-established brand, you need to follow these three processes:

  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate

Before proceeding to these processes, uninstall the previously installed Webroot or other anti-viruses by following the correct instructions.

Why go for Webroot Uninstall?

There are certain circumstances that ask you to uninstall Webroot to avoid any software conflict. Check out the same below:

  • To migrate your Webroot subscription to another device

If you want to install your Webroot subscription to a newly purchased or some other device then it is required to uninstall it from the device it is currently installed on.

  • To install a higher or a different version of Webroot on the same PC

If you want to update or upgrade your current antivirus then you might need to uninstall Webroot.

  • To reinstall, in case of software damage

If you are unable to access any of the features of your installed antivirus then you might need to go for Webroot uninstall followed by its re-installation.

To know how to uninstall Webroot, check out the information provided later on this web page.

Steps to uninstall Webroot Antivirus

For uninstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere and other Webroot security solutions, you can choose any of the following methods:

  • Via Control Panel
  1. Open the Start menu and then go to the Control Panel
  2. Depending upon the Windows version, choose the following:
    1. Programs and Features
    2. All Programs
  3. From the list of the programs, search Webroot
  4. Right-click the Webroot and choose Uninstall
  5. Wait until the un-installation finishes
  • Via Command Prompt

For Windows XP

  1. Press Windows + R key together or click Start and then Run
  2. In the Run dialog box, type the following command

“C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe” –uninstall

  1. Hit Ok and then Yes, if prompted!

For Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Open the Run window from the Start menu or press Windows + R together
  2. Type the following command:

C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe” –uninstall

  1. Hit Enter and then Yes when prompted for Webroot uninstall

For Windows 10

  1. Type this command in the Cortana search bar

“C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe” –uninstall

  1. Hit Enter and Yes, when promoted to Webroot Uninstall

Your system is now ready to install a new Webroot antivirus. Now, when you know how to uninstall Webroot, check the below-given process to download, install, and activate your new Webroot antivirus:

  1. Visit com/safe
  2. Enter the Webroot product key
  3. Download your product
  4. Double-click the downloaded setup and then follow the onscreen instructions to proceed installation
  5. Once the installation finishes, provide the Webroot product key for activation
    1. You can redeem this key from the email ID registered with your Webroot account or from the kit you received with Webroot antivirus offline purchase
  6. Hit the Activate button
  7. Your system is now protected against all kinds of online threats!

For any help, call the Webroot customer support team. An expert will be glad to assist you with the best possible information.

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