How to uninstall Wifi Router?

We use a Wi-Fi router in order to easily establish a connection between our PC and the Internet. Besides this, the Wi-Fi routers allow extending the range of the network connection with the help of user’s value programs. Sometimes, it may occur to you that your Wi-Fi has stopped functioning as should have done and you have found that the program has become useless. In case you want to get rid of such programs, you can uninstall Wi-Fi router quite easily.

uninstall Wifi router

Before we move on with the process to uninstall wireless router, it is important to know about the right procedure of deleting components and files of this program. If you do not know the right procedure, you may come across problems such as system shutdowns, software crashes, and other performance-related issues. Therefore, you must go through this guide very carefully.

The Right Way to uninstall wireless router

Uninstall Wi-Fi router via Control Panel

  1. First, you have to close all the programs running in the background that are someway connected to your Wi-Fi router. To do this, press Ctrl+Alt+Del at once.
  2. Open the Windows Task Manager to find the related processes.
  3. Click on the program you want to close and then click “End task”.
  4. After doing this, go to the “Control Panel”.
  5. Navigate to “Programs and Features” and then tap on the “Uninstall a Program” option. The older windows users may find the “Add or Remove Program” panel.
  6. Here you will find a list of installed programs. In this list, you will the name of your router being displayed on the screen.
  7. Right, click on the desired program and tap “Uninstall”.
  8. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process of program uninstaller.

Clean Windows Registry to uninstall USB router

  1. Now, you have to press the “Windows key + R”, type “regedit” and then tap “OK”
  2. Navigate to the “Edit” section in the Windows Registry and go to “Find”.
  3. Here, you will find the W-Fi related programs.
  4. Right-click on the entry for USB router and tap “Delete”.

You can also uninstall the audio router in a similar way. You just have to click on the audio router option available in the drop-down menu of the installed components and right click on it to delete it from the computer.

To conclude-

If you face any problem while uninstalling the Wi-Fi router, it is possible that you had a faulty copy of the program on your system. In case the provided instructions weren’t helpful, consider using automated software removal tools such as Perfect Uninstaller or you can seek help from the customer support executives.

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