Computer errors play a crucial role in earning a living for expert technicians. They remind us just like humans, machines are prone to functional issues. Therefore, errors in computer are quite similar to what we humans call “Common Cold”. However, just like computer programs, humans cannot uninstall office or anything from their system. Software and program operate in the same way as human organs operate.


Therefore, if you want to uninstall and reinstall programs in your computer, you need a technical surgeon to carry out the task with extreme precision to avert any risk of errors. However, you don’t need an expert technician to deploy or uninstall MS Office productivity suite in your computer as the process is as easy as counting one, two, three…

The gist of this article is to give you a broad picture of reason, purpose, method, types, prerequisites and process for uninstalling Office from PC. You can find all the information at

Steps how To Uninstall Microsoft Office

Before we proceed to discuss the process of uninstalling Microsoft Office, we must understand why you would uninstall Office products from your device. Here are some of the error you may face while working on MS Office:

  • “Something went wrong error”
  • App Error: Catalogue could not be reached
  • run-time error.
  • subscript out of range.
  • Compile Error in hidden module module name.
  • Visual Basic Error – it means many objects refuse to support the method
  • Issues while displaying add in template is not valid template name.
  • Word cannot open this document template name.
  • module name cannot be found.
  • Command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open.
  • Cannot open this file name.
  • The file cannot be opened.
  • Microsoft VisualBasic – The macros in this project are disabled.
  • The add-in template is not valid.

MS Office is the best available productivity suite for commercial and business purposes that automate their office work.

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Two of the best ways to uninstall MS Office completely

  • The first method to remove MS Office requires “Control Panel” access
  • The other way is to use Microsoft Office Suite Removal Tool, or through “Fix it”.

Steps to Uninstall MS Office Setup from PC via Control Panel

The following steps described below will help you to uninstall MS Office from Windows 10 PC:

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” Wizard by entering “Control Panel” in the search box
  2. Select “Programs and Features”
  3. Right-click on your selected MS Office Product and click “Uninstall”
  4. Follow the prompts to completely uninstall the product
  5. Wait while removing process completes. It will take a few minutes

In Windows 8.1

  1. Go to the Start Button and Type “Control Panel” to open it up
  2. Select “Programs and Features”
  3. Right-click on your selected MS Office Products and click “Uninstall”
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  5. Wait while removing process completes. It will take a few minutes

Steps to Uninstall Office for Mac

You can choose to remove MS Office suite from your Mac computer, or you can remove any app such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook by going through these simple steps. You can seek help from link.

Uninstall Office from Older Version of Mac 2011

Make sure to have signed in as an administrator to perform the steps, and you probably already are, if you operate your own Mac. If you work in an organization, you need to ask your IT administrator for help signing as an administrator.

  1. Open finder > Application
  2. Locate, drag and drop the MS Office 2011 folder to trash
  3. Reboot your Mac system

Once you uninstall MS Office, you can visit office com setup to download and reinstall MS Office setup.

Remove Office for Mac Applications

  1. Open Finder > Applications
  2. Command + click to select all the Office applications for Mac
  3. Ctrl + Click an application you selected and click “Move” to trash

Remove files from your User Library Folder

Set the Finder View option in order to remove files from user library folder:

  1. In Finder, Click COMMAND+Shift+H
  2. On top of the Finder Menu, click “View” > as List, and then click “View” > Show View Option
  3. In the “View” Option dialog box, Select Show Library folder and save
  4. Return to the Back “Finder” option, go to Library > Containers and Ctrl + click and select all the folders, then drag all of them into Trash.
  • microsoft.errorreporting
  • microsoft.Excel
  • microsoft.netlib.shipassertprocess
  • microsoft.Office365ServiceV2
  • microsoft.Outlook
  • microsoft.Powerpoint
  • microsoft.RMS-XPCService
  • microsoft.Word
  • microsoft.onenote.mac
  1. Click the back arrow to go back to the Library folder and open Ground Containers. Ctrl + click and select all the folders if available, and then, drag them to Trash.

Remove from Doc and restart

  1. If you had any apps stored in your Dock, press Ctrl + Click each of them > Options > Remove from Dock
  2. Restart your Mac system to complete the process

Steps to uninstall corrupted MS Office

Corrupted MS Office setup or application will act oddly and not functioning properly when it is corrupted. The problem occurs if a necessary application file is missing, or becomes corrupted due to other technical issues. To resolve this issue with Office 2016, follow the steps: Or you can choose to go through to find a reasonable solution.

  1. Move your cursor to Start Button and navigate to the “Programs and Features”
  2. Locate MS Office 365 ProPlus and Select Choose if you’ve office installed in different language
  3. Go for Online Repair as it gives you best option to remove the issue. Make sure to stop all the active application to ensure an uninterrupted repair process. Depending on your Internet speed, it might take a couple of minutes.
  4. Get your hands off the repairing process, it might take a few minutes but once it is done, click close and try to work with Microsoft Application.

For Office 2010/2013

You can uninstall MS Office suite by using the Control Panel Wizard.

Can’t uninstall MS Office Suite

One of the most common errors you might face while uninstalling MS Office is “Error Code 30029-4”. However, restarting your PC or Mac might resolve the issue. If it doesn’t work, then you must run repair, or download Microsoft Office Removal Tool.


Many other issues may halt your progress while uninstalling MS Office setup. In case, you find difficulty while following any of the steps or instructions to resolve the issue, you can contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for technical Support into the matter.