How to uninstall Nvidia drivers on Windows 10?

It is nearly impossible to run certain programs without the use of video cards or good graphics. We saw Nvidia in the market for a while and their graphic cards had been widely famous. With the passage of time, these GPU cards lost its fame because they require more advanced software and drivers to run. This leads to the conflict in your mind needing you to think to uninstall Nvidia driver from your computer.

uninstall Nvidia drivers

There might be various reasons why you want to do so. Sometimes, you might want to install the driver on the new device because the current one has stopped working. There are various methods involved in removing the driver from your PC. Nvidia has drivers that are packaged with other software installed along with it. In this situation, you should first remove the driver and then the leftovers.

Steps to Uninstall Nvidia drivers from Windows 10

  1. Firstly, navigate to the “Windows Program Manager” tab of your PC.
  2. In the search box that is available on the taskbar, type “Program”.
  3. Now, choose the option that says, “Add” or “Remove” programs.
  4. In this step, tap on the “Programs and Features” option and select the “Nvidia” application.
  5. Click on the “Uninstall” option to remove the program.
  6. The same steps need to be followed for removing any other Nvidia program.
  7. After you remove the driver, do not forget to reboot the system. Also, verify that the driver removal was successful or not, read the article further.

To verify the driver was removed successfully-

  1. To verify the same, you need to open the search box of your PC again and click on the “Device Manager” option.
  2. In this step, click on the “view” menu and tick mark the box that says “Show hidden devices”.
  3. If you could still see the Nvidia driver, then you must uninstall it once again.
  4. To do so, right-click on the option and select “Uninstall’.

What should be done after removing the Nvidia driver?

Although this step is not important considering the removal of the driver, you can take always take additional measures. Because sometimes there might be few leftover items that are creating trouble and needs to be deleted.

Removal of residual files or folders:

  1. In the search bar of your Windows 10, type “File Explorer”.
  2. Here the computer will display the list of installed apps. Choose the one that you desire to remove.
  3. If you want to remove “Nvidia data”, choose this option and right-click to uninstall it.
  4. You can follow a similar procedure for removing other files also.

Once you are done with the removal process. You can install the desired driver on your PC once again. If you encounter any trouble, navigate to the “Support” section and get immediate help.

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