Tired of Windows 10: Get to know how to uninstall Windows 10

Windows 10 has been the center point for controversies and debates among its fans and users for many years. According to many, it is indeed the most argued OS ever produced by Microsoft. It surely helps us to keep our system in good shape, keep it safe, updated with improved features, but indeed, it gives you mild headaches occasionally. Many would argue in support of its real-time capabilities, but a number of users despise the day they installed it in the first place.

 So, if you’re one of the victims of this “not so good” operating system and wish to remove it from your life, then you have come to the right place. Many are opting to uninstall Windows 10 and prefer the older version Windows 7 or Windows 8. They speak of what they think about Windows 10 in different terms but all of them points to a single fact, that Windows 10 version failed to live up to its promises.

Windows 10 can be fairly insisting when it comes to installing updates, which regretfully is not much of a thing. Indeed, it has gained a fair share of popularity among real-time users but faced criticism on several occasions. While the majority of Windows 10 updates are quite impressive and gives you a flawless working experience with enhanced features, but there are many, to whom they caused more harm than any good at all.  They are looking for ways to uninstall Windows 10 and replace with their previous OS.

Common errors you might face while using Windows 10

These errors might compel you to launch a Windows 10 uninstall program   

  • Installer hangs for hours or reboots continuously
  • “Something Happened” is a classic error
  • It takes a lot of processing time to do simple tasks
  • Activation issues while updating Windows 10
  • Trouble with sound, video quality, and other drivers
  • Critical Error/Start Menu
  • Error 5 is a common error known by the name “Access is denied in Windows 10” Error
  • Windows Installer not working properly

How to uninstall Windows 10 from your PC?

If you’re within 10 days period of your Windows 10 installation, then you can easily roll back to your older OS version and uninstall Windows 10 effectively. Windows 10 keeps all the installation files of the old operating system on the hard drive for that length of time, to revert your system back to your previous OS version if required.

Follow these steps to uninstall Windows 10 from your PC and reinstall your Old operating system.

With your data backed up by Windows 10 and installation files in hand, you can;

  1. Click to “Start” and Click on “Settings”
  2. Click on “Update and Security”
  3. Click on “Recovery”
  4. Click “Advanced Startup”
  5. Click “Use a Device”
  6. Navigate to the Factory partition, the USB drive, or the DVD drive as applicable
  7. Complete the installation to replace the Windows 10 with old OS

Congratulations, your Windows 10 uninstall process is completed and your previous OS is restored.

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