Reliable solution for login issues related to Secure Home Platform app

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McAfee is one of the dominating players in the cybersecurity arena and the company champions in developing antivirus programs and solutions to ensure the security of your data; McAfee security provides 360-degree comprehensive protections against hackers and cyber threats. With the help of McAfee activate, you will get various products, which will protect your devices from hacking, online threats, cyber attacks, and data loss. Security of your data and devices is one of the vital responsibilities of McAfee. You can install and activate your McAfee product from the official website To download McAfee Activate, or try logging McAfee account from your devices, you have to purchase a brand new subscription. If you are facing an unsecured internet issue, then use the Secure Home Platform.

In case, you connect your device to an unsecured internet network then online threats can enter in your device. This is the reason why smart security is more vital than ever. To protect your entire home network automatically, use McAfee Secure Home Platform.  The router helps you to protect all your connected devices—even those without a display. It can also be controlled by an easy to use mobile app.

Problems that you might face while login to your Secure Home Platform app

While login to your Secure Home Platform (SHP) app on your mobile device with an existing account, your login fails, and you see a Network error.

Solution 1

If you see a Network error, ensure that:

  • Your device has Internet connectivity:
    1. Try to open a website on your device
    2. In case, your device is not connected to the Internet:
      1. Try to resolve the connectivity issue
      2. Then try to log in to SHP account again
  • Your Secure Home Platform router itself has Internet connectivity:
    1. Try to browse to a website from a device connected to the SHP router.
    2. If  your SHP router cannot connect to the Internet:
      1. Firstly, Restart your router
      2. Just wait for 2 minutes
      3. Try to log in to SHP account again

In case, you are not able to resolve the problem then take the help of technical support. They are available 24*7 for your help.

Solution 2

After login, if you see a Create Account dialog, this means that the Secure Home Platform subscription is not associated with the account you used to log in. You should:

  1. Make sure that you are logging in with the correct account
  2. In such cases click on Create Account and follow the on-screen instructions to ensure that you have an account which is linked with SHP

Final Thoughts

In case, you are still facing account login issues then, you should contact your Secure Home Platform ISP partner for more details about your account. As you are not able to resolve the problem of account login, you should seek help from technical support. They are available 24*7 for your help.

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