How do you prevent your web-browser from Hijacking homepage?

Nowadays, Fraudsters are taking illegal way to get more hits on their website since most of the sites have ads, so getting hits directly on ads means more money. In this row, browser hijacker is a spyware that resets your homepage so that every time you open your browser you will be taken to the website they want.

Moreover, browser hijackers do not only damage your files but they can infect the malware as well as steal your personal identity. But, don’t worry you can prevent yourself from indulging in these types of threatening activity.

You just need to follow some points to prevent your hijacked homepage:

  • Regular update your operating system- It is the most important thing you need to do regularly and the reason is that you will not be affected from any types of cyberthreats. Not updating the operating system simply means you are leaving your system in a vulnerable situation as older version may not prevent you from the viruses.
  • Don’t go questionable websites- Don’t go any suspicious websites where you find numerous links with lots of popping-up banners and ads.
  • Messages from unknown sender should not be opened- If you get a message from unknown sender just try to delete as soon as possible since it may infect virus.
  • Always choose safe protocol email-Do not open any suspicious email that asks your personal information such as bank account details or your identity.
  • Make sure you must have an effective antivirus and firewall- Both are the most important weapons when it comes to the security of your system. Antivirus secures your system from internal malware whereas firewall prevents your PC from unauthorized incoming traffic.
  • Download anti-spyware software protection- It will remove spyware if it’s already been installed in the user’s system.

For more information on the hijacked homepage or How to uninstall Webroot, you can call the customer care number.

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