Norton Setup – To prevent ransomware from attacking your system, look into security software like Norton Security. With Norton’s Ransomware Shield, you can ward off almost every online threat. The antivirus can be installed on all of your devices. Norton is an antivirus developed to detect and remove viruses from your device. It continuously scans your device and protects it.  Norton allows you to manage your account on As you, know that Cyber attacks are rapidly increasing and infecting your devices with viruses, malware, ransomware, and malicious activities. In order to protect your device, you must have an antivirus installed on your device via

Norton setup let you uncover best actions to protect your device as it automatically scans and fix the issues found. You can also download and install Norton mobile security application in order to secure your mobile data. Norton antivirus has many features that help you to protect your data from online threats and ransomware as well.

It is a simple process to download and install the Norton setup. You can install the setup through Norton provides various plans as per your requirements; you can pick a choice of your security plans from

The first step to download and install Norton setup on your laptop, PC’s, androids or on Mac devices is to create an account on norton com setup if you are not an existing customer. You can create your Norton account easily on Norton account website, Norton Password Manager client on devices. Steps are given to create your Norton account.

How to create your Norton account from Norton official website

  1. Click and Open your updated web browser, and visit on the official site by the given link
  2. Click on ‘Sign up now, as it’s FREE! ‘
  3. A screen displaying you ‘Norton Account Sign Up” opens type the email address, password, and other details required
  4. ‘Read and agree’ to the privacy policy displaying on your screen
  5. Click on ‘Sign Up’

How can you create your Norton account from Norton Password Manager client on windows:

  1. Click the ‘Norton Password Manager’ option present on the desktop or on the taskbar of your computer
  2. In the ‘Sign in or create an account’ page, enter your email address and click on ‘Next’

Note:  Norton Password Manager automatically verifies your email address to check whether your account is already connected with your Norton account or not.

  1. In the ‘Create your Norton account’ window, type your details and password as asked
  2. Click ‘Agree & Sign Up’

This is how you can create your Norton account from Norton Password Manager client on windows. Follow the steps carefully as you perform any misstep then an error may occur.

How to create your Norton account from Norton Password Manager app on Android or iOS

  1. Tap on the ‘Norton Password Manager’ option on the home screen or the application screen
  2. Tap ‘Create Account’
  3. Type your email address and other details appeared on the screen
  4. Tap ‘Agree & Sign Up’

To download and install Norton setup on Windows 10

  1. Visit on, and then go to the Norton account
  2. ‘Sign in’ if you are an existing user else ‘Sign up’ if you are an existing user
  3. If you are creating an account on norton com setup for the first time then complete the verification steps
  4. Enter your registered email address and the password of your existing account
  5. Click ‘Download your software’ from the home page,
  6. Now enter your Norton setup Product key
  7. Click ‘submit’ for further steps
  8. Complete the further process to download Norton setup
  9. Search for the downloaded file
  10. Open the downloaded file and perform run Norton setup install
  11. Follow the steps displaying on your computer’s screen

Restart your PC and run a scan task to check whether to Restart the PC and run a scan task to check whether the Norton setup is working properly or not. Make sure to allow the permissions and enable the internet security setting to let Norton setup work properly.

Here are the steps to download & install Norton setup on Mac

Before you download and install the software on Mac, you have to add Mac computer in Norton setup.

Installing and downloading Norton setup on Mac:-

  1. After you add a Mac computer, log on to SEP SBE management console from your Mac and then navigate to the ‘Mac Computers’
  2. Click the drop-down next to the Mac, which you have logged into and select ‘Retry Download’
  3. A new browser window opens to the Norton page
  4. Click ‘Download’ to save the file, and then follow the on-screen instructions
  5. The downloaded product will be automatically activated once it is installed

How do you install Norton on iOS phone/ iPad?

  1. On your iOS device, click on the Norton Security app in the App Store
  2. Click ‘GET’ to download and install the app
  3. Click ‘OPEN’ after the completion of download and install
  4. Read and accept the Norton license agreement and privacy notice
  5. Click on ‘GET STARTED’ and follow in-app directions

How you can buy a Norton product or activation key?

To activate your Norton product you need activation or product key, which you can buy your Norton activation or product key by two methods:

  • Online– Directly from Official website or from other online sources
  • Manually– from any retail shop

This is how you can buy the key to use Norton and safeguard your device. Remember that every product comes with its expiry date.  Keep updated about the expiry of the software and if the subscription may expiry then you have to renew it for the continued safety of your device.

How you can renew the subscription of your software?

  1. ‘Sign in’ your Norton account
  2. On the home page, you will find ‘renewal section’
  3. Click on the ‘Renew’ button and follow the steps for the security checkout

It is an instruction to keep auto-renewal ‘enabled’ so that you can get constant protection. In case you perform any misstep then errors may occur. Some errors are given below:

Some common Norton setup errors:

  1. A1002: Backup or Restore failed, happens mostly when then Internet connection is lost or reset
  2. A2028: Connected with a previous session, but was not released
  3. A2261: Backup failed due to no storage space
  4. A2266: Restoring files back to the computer fails
  5. A2235: Your computer’s local hard disk ‘C:’ is full

The possibility of complex errors is also there, therefore, you must go manually while getting started with the Norton setup. Else, you may connect with Norton customer support team for instant help.

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