Be safe while browsing online with Norton Safe Web

With Norton Safe Web, you will get to surf, chat, socialize and do the online shopping safely. The program analysis the websites, which you visit and then detect, even the minute possibilities to have viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious activity (if any).  When the analysis completes, the Norton SafeWeb ranks the website on specific safety parameters. Moreover, you can see them before visiting.

Norton safe web

The Norton Safe Web backs browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. You can download Norton Safe Web via

How does Norton Safe Web work?

When you browse the Internet and use the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the Norton SafeWeb shows you the specific website’s rank on security measures. To see whether the website is safe and secured with Norton, you can move your mouse pointer over the Norton icon. This will also display the safety information of the specific site. Download Norton Safe Web from to browse safely.

Note:-You can click the Norton icon and access the full security report in the pop-up window to view the detailed information visible in the Norton Safe website.

Norton SafeWeb allows you to know the security status of each website by-

  • Viewing the Norton security status of the website you want to access.
  • Viewing the community ratings present on the specific website.
  • Adding your reviews on the website you want to access.
  • Viewing the list of keywords that are tagged to the website.
  • Viewing the threat alerts and the usual information about the website.

What are the Norton Safe Web ratings?

Few Norton Safe Web safety ratings are mentioned below-

  • Norton secure Trustmark: to show the website is secure and safe to visit.
  • Safe icon: A green icon with ‘OK’ shows you that the site is safe and good to go.
  • Untested, question mark sign: The Norton safeWeb recommends you to avoid accessing the site, which has the grey question mark icon.
  • Unsafe, red cross sign: Some websites contain malicious content and are harmful to the devices. Norton Safe Web will inform you about the sites, which are unsafe.
  • Caution icon, orange exclamation sign: The Norton SafeWeb analysis will let you know about the malicious websites that are categorized as suspicious factors.

Important: The Norton Safe Web can recover the Scam insights, which you may see as threats but you need to understand how the Scam insights work.

Understanding Scam Insights

The Scam insights will deliver the reputation ratings for every website on the Internet, which will boost the ratings of the website. By this, you will be confident that the visitors reach the information provided by you on a particular website.

Cybercriminals work beyond your reach; they try to create an illusion of authenticity by employing fake websites to lure possible victims in their traps.


With Norton SafeWeb, you can securely browse the websites and access your data on the specific site without any flaw and fraud. If you are planning to create a website for your business, you need to secure it with Norton SafeWeb, so that the website is safe from the cybercriminals to reach.

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