By delivering a wide range of anti-viruses and security software, Norton has created a benchmark in the cybersecurity industry. Compatible with different platforms, Norton anti-viruses are available in different versions and types making it easy for computer users to find the best security for their devices. There may be times when you have to uninstall Norton either to upgrade your security software or to install the same software to a new device. To know check out the below-mentioned information:

uninstall Norton product installer

How to uninstall Norton from Windows?

  1. To begin Norton uninstall, open Control Panel by following any of these methods:
    • Go to Windows Start Menu
    • Search Control Panel from the list of programs
    • OR
    • Press Windows + R key together from your keyboard
    • You will see Run
    • Type Control Panel
    • Hit Enter
  2. Choose Uninstall a Program from Programs or All Programs
  3. You will see a list of programs installed on your device
  4. Right-click on Norton and choose Uninstall
  5. Wait until you see uninstall in progress
  6. Don’t forget to delete the temporary, junk, and residual files after the process finishes!

How to uninstall Norton from Mac?

  1. Go to the Applications folder
  2. Double-click Norton folder
  3. Click Norton Security from the menu bar
  4. Choose Uninstall Norton product
  5. Click Uninstall, and you will be asked to enter your admin details
  6. Provide your Mac account name and password
  7. Click Install Helper
  8. Reinstall your device to apply the changes

How to uninstall Norton from your Mobile Phone?

  1. For Norton Uninstall, just long tap the Norton Antivirus icon
  2. You will see the option to uninstall
  3. Tap the same, and it’s done
  4. You can also read official Article – Uninstall Norton Mobile Security

You can also uninstall Norton from your mobile phone Settings

  1. Go to Settings and then Apps
  2. Choose Installed Applications or Apps
  3. Open Norton, and you will Uninstall option
  4. Tap the same

Please note if you uninstall Norton, your system will get vulnerable to viruses and other harmful online threats. Therefore, get a new Norton antivirus and install it to your device to ensure continuous PC protection. Apart from the aforementioned methods, you can also use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool to uninstall Norton from your device. This tool can be downloaded from the official website of Norton.

When you uninstall Norton using this tool, the residual files will also get automatically removed from your device making it perfect for the installation of a new Norton antivirus.

When do you need to uninstall Norton?

You might need to uninstall Norton in the following scenarios:

  1. Bought a new PC: you have purchased a new computer system, and the older one is no longer in use. In this case, you have to Norton Uninstall from your previous device and thereafter, reinstall it on the new one. You can use the same Norton product key for the reinstall and activation of your subscription.
  2. Norton antivirus subscription has expired: If your existing subscription is no longer active and you want to buy some other Norton antivirus, then you have to uninstall the previously installed one.
  3. Norton antivirus doesn’t function correctly: Occurs rarely but this situation may also lead to Norton uninstall. If your Norton antivirus is not functioning properly then uninstalling and reinstalling may fix this out.
  4. To avoid software conflict: If you are using Norton Internet Security and at some point, you change your mind and want to install Norton Family Premier then installing this one before uninstalling the previous one may arise software conflict. Therefore, it is recommended to

If you are facing trouble during the Norton uninstall process or want to know more about how to uninstall Norton, contact Norton customer support number.

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