How Norton prevents you from Hackers attacking your Wi-Fi?

Norton developed and distributed by Symantec has introduced a new privacy app designed to shield consumers sensitive or confidential data from hackers targeting unsecured Wi-Fi networks. According to the Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report, the online habit of consumers give hackers unobstructed access to your sensitive or confidential data like banking information or social media passwords. To secure your data from being hacked, install Norton.

This is the reason why people become easy targets because of the confusion about the security of public Wi-Fi networks. Many researchers of Norton found that only 35% of global consumers are able to distinguish between secure and unsecured Wi-Fi networks. You need a Norton setup to use a secured Wi-Fi network. Most of the people presume that all the Wi-Fi networks accessible in public places like airports, hotels, cafes, restraints, colleges, schools, etc. are secure but it is not like that.


When the users log onto an unsecured network, hackers are able to steal data because it travels across the online, sell it on the dark internet for profit or maybe they use the data to empty client bank accounts. To protect your data from hackers and secure your Wi-Fi install Norton or Norton setup install. Within New Zealand, 11% of the most popular Android apps transmit sensitive information without encryption, leaves their data unprotected. To quarrel this, Norton Wifi Privacy has encryption technology that helps to scrambles user’s information so as to help protect their information and identity from online threats.

Why the consumers are unaware of the risk?

  • More than one in two consumers believe their personal information is safe when using public Wi-Fi
  • Now, more than half of consumers have logged into the personal email (55 percent) and social media accounts while using unsecured Wi-Fi networks, potentially compromising the credentials to their personal and professional emails
  • One in five consumers have accessed financial/banking information over public Wi-Fi
  • Younger generations are more likely to think public Wi-Fi is safe: 68% Millennial and 62% Gen X, vs. for 55+. Surprisingly, parents are more likely to think public Wi-Fi is safe than non-parents

Be aware of the risk and install Norton to save your credentials or private pieces of information.

Once aware of the risk, the survey found that consumers’ top concerns include:

  • Unauthorized access to financial information and personal photos/videos get infected with malware and having user information stolen while using public Wi-Fi
  • Seventy-four percent of consumers would dread a criminal selling the login/passwords to sensitive accounts more than an intimate photo leak
  • Sixty-nine percent of consumers would dread having their social media accounts hacked when using coffee shop Wi-Fi more than not having internet access at all

You know that many consumers believe that using a password to access public Wi-Fi means their information is safe, but that’s not necessarily the case. Norton Wifi Privacy helps you to protect your information, such as passwords and credit card numbers and denies access to hackers who may be eavesdropping on the same network. You must have Norton setup to keep your data secured from hackers.

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