How to uninstall Norton password manager?

Norton Password Manager enables you to manage your password security and access your favorite sites quicker. Developed to make use easier, Norton Password Manager saves all your user details and synchronizes them across your devices. However, in most cases, users fail to make appropriate settings, so they decide to uninstall Norton.

If you too want to uninstall Norton Security Suite for PC, there are certain things you need to take care of.  If the User Account Control window appears, click yes. Follow the instructions to choose your uninstall preference. Before you perform manual instructions for Norton uninstall, make sure you have not to delete any of the files from the main source. In case you did, you will require recovering the files, else you will encounter an error(s) to uninstall Norton from your computer or mobile device.

Please note that the steps below are for Windows-based operating systems and may not work on different devices.

Delete your account and uninstall Norton Password Manager

  1. Lunch the Norton Password Manager by clicking on the icon on your desktop/ taskbar
  2. In the Norton Password Manager main interface, select Logins tab.
  3. Press the login option, as you will need to delete your details to uninstall Norton
  • Sort the options by applying the filter to locate a login quicker. Alternatively, you can search for a Norton login in the Search your vault box
  1. Now, you need to delete a login. Go to the window that appears and selects the Delete option
  2. Click Yes in the alert and remove your account
  3. Once done, go to control panel
  4. Click Programs
  5. Click Uninstall Programs
  6. Search for Norton Password manager from the list to uninstall Norton
  7. Confirm the step to Norton uninstall > Click Uninstall

The software will be uninstalled automatically. Users who encountered an error during the Norton uninstall process, connect with the support providers to get help.

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