McAfee has comprehensive cyber security solutions with intelligent threat detection component that ensures the security of your data. Whether your data storage is stored on cloud space or on your device, the software will protect your data against all the emerging risks. Giving your computer the support of real-time protection, you eliminate the risk of unsafe web surfing and downloading.

Uninstall McAfee

To explore the high-end internet protection program, you need to activate McAfee.Therefore, before you start to install the security product, make sure there is no other version of the software. If your device has pre-installed McAfee and you want to install a different product, you need to uninstall McAfee from the device.

The steps below will guide you how to Uninstall McAfee without an error.

If you do not uninstall McAfee before installing a newer or another product version, it will create software conflicts and slow down the computer. You may also encounter windows crashing and sluggish behavior. Hence, you need to follow the correct procedure on how to uninstall McAfee from your PC.

Steps to Uninstall McAfee computer:

  1. Click on “Start” and open “Control Panel”
  2. Click Programs option in the Control Panel
  • The option may vary as per your Windows OS version
  1. On the next page, click Programs and Features
  2. Select un install a program
  3. From the program directory, click-right on ” McAfee” icon
  4. Click on Uninstall/ Change option
  5. Click the “Yes” if asked -“Are you sure, you want to completely remove McAfee, and proceed
  6. Restart your computer

 See McAfee window opening up when you turn on the computer, the software is not completely uninstalled yet and may need a virtual technician for complete un-installation.

McAfee Uninstall with McAfee product removal tool (MPRT):

  1. Go to the official page of antivirus and login to your account
  2. From the top menu bar, click Support
  3. On the next page, in the field of the search bar, enter McAfee product removal tool
  4. When the list appears, select ‘How to remove McAfee products from a PC running Windows’
  5. On the next page among the information, you will find a link to Download the ‘MCPR tool’
  6. Click and download the MCPR tool and run the program
  7. If you see a security warning, mark yes and continue
  8. On the home screen of MCPR tool, click yes and agree to the license agreement conditions
  9. Execute the security validation step and complete the prompts
  10. Follow steps for McAfee uninstall

You have successfully completed the process for McAfee uninstall. Now you can purchase a new McAfee product and reinstall it without any glitches. However, before downloading the file, make sure that your computer has enough space and other necessary components that support the software.

Now that you do not have any other antivirus program or older version of McAfee, you can quickly install the latest version of McAfee antivirus. Having the most recent version helps you detect the newest virus definition giving better security to your computer.

Install licensed McAfee product

Now, yo install a licensed product, visit the official site and enter your McAfee activation key in it respective filed. In contrast, users with McAfee Retail Card activation need to redeem McAfee activation code and proceed. Enter 25-digits activation code> Login/ Register> Get protected. Next, make all the changes required, this would help the software to boost up the performance of your device. However, in the case of a technical glitch, you can install and run the virtual technician by McAfee.

Help McAfee virtual technician

McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is developed to automatically resolve PC problems with McAfee Virtual Technician. When you install and run MVT tool after allowing the permissions, the app will automatically perform complete diagnoses of the issue(s) and fixes it.

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