Protect your McAfee log in access by enabling two-factor authentication

To become a licensed McAfee user, you need to have an authorized McAfee login access. Not have the access will restrict you to locate your activation key code or renew software. As you do McAfee login and go to your profile, you can check for the latest updates that are available and details related to your paid antivirus package.

two-factor authentication

Since you have options to use the same subscriptions details to do McAfee log in, you may share the details with your families or acquaintances. However, doing this may let you face some troubles while you do McAfee login. Therefore, it is suggested to enable McAfee two-factor authentication.

Steps to enable two-factor authentication to secure McAfee log in access

  1. Go to and click McAfee icon on the top of the page
    • It will take you to the main page
  2. Click My Account from the top menu bar and then go to McAfee login
  3. Go to McAfee endpoint protection Cloud console
  4. Click Menu or menu icon and then go to Account Management
  5. Press ‘My Account’ option and the My Account page will open in a new window or tab
  6. Go to My Profile page and from there
  7. Click Edit Profile option and then select Log on, this will take you to two-factor authentication page for settings and changes
  8. From ‘Manage Delivery Options’, select option and you will receive a one-time password (OTP) or a confirmation link on your email address for verification
    • Registered mobile number– Select the country and your registered mobile number, click Verify and you will receive an OTP.  Enter that password on the webpage and confirm.
    • Email– Do McAfee log in and open the email and click Send a test one-time-password. Also, mention your email address. Now open a new tab and log in to your account. Note the password or click on the link and click Verify
  9. After your email and phone number verification, click submit
  10. Click Done when the confirmation window tab opens up
  11. Close the ‘My Profile’ page and return to the McAfee ePO Cloud console

You have now activated McAfee login two-step authentication, which will help you secure your account from any kind of risks. However, if you stuck in-between the steps, connect with official McAfee customer support team to get assistance.

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