McAfee Activate – These days, keeping your devices protected, data private, and online world secured from harmful attacks has become mandatory. If you will be careless about your devices’ protection, you will allow viruses, ransomware, malware, malicious activities, etc, to enter your private life. Although there are plenty of reliable solutions exist for devices, you must know which one meets your requirement. McAfee antivirus is liable amongst all the antiviruses; you should definitely use it once for the security of your device. To know how McAfee secures your devices from these attacks you need to download and install it in your device via

mcafee activate

With the help of McAfee activate, you stay ahead of cybercriminals who look to profit by violating your right to freely and safely access the internet. Some of the smartest people maintain your next-gen cybersecurity around-the-clock in the business.  If you don’t know the features of McAfee that helps it to protect your devices.

What are the features of McAfee antivirus software?

Features of McAfee given below:

  • McAfee virus scan
  • Compatible with various device and operating system
  • Complete protection against online and offline risks
  • Device optimization
  • Security solutions for Home and business needs
  • Cloud- based security to your data
  • Spam email filter and blocker
  • Parental control
  • Real-time protection whereas web surfing
  • One-time subscription

To use these services, you have to purchase a plan. Visit www mcafee com activate or any retailer shop to get McAfee activate product key. Below are the steps to download McAfee free on PC.

How to download McAfee activate on your PC?

  1. Visit the official activate mcafee homepage by
  2. Sign in/ Sign up
  3. On the main page, click the ‘Free Trial’ option from the top menu
  4. After that, you will get the option to ‘Download’

You will have McAfee Total Protection Free Trial. Click the download button and continue with the McAfee activate installation steps. However, the free trial will expire after that you have to purchase the subscription for the continuous usage.

How can you install McAfee activate with the product key?

  1. Open the mcafee com activate setup and install it from there
  2. After installation
  3. Launch antivirus on the screen and click
  4. Select Renew product key or Activate it, click on ‘McAfee’ button
  5. Follow the on-screen steps and install mcafee antivirus with product key successfully

After getting the product key or activation key, you have to activate the code, as it is known as McAfee Activate 25 digit code. Follow the steps below to activate the 25-digit code:

How you can activate McAfee 25 digit code?

  1. Login to your McAfee account on
  2. Select the product you purchased by
  3. Enter 25 digit activation codeinto the blank
  4. On the page displaying you on the screen, enter you McAfee Activate 25 digit code and submit it
  5. Click ‘Download’ on the next page to download your software

Your mcafee activate with activation code is activated successfully.

After some time the free McAfee activate will expires. You will get renewal notifications as you reach the expiry date; you have to purchase the product key to continue the subscription. Click on the notification bar to activate mcafee product code and you will be redirected to mcafee com activate page. Follow the online instructions, complete the payment terms and complete McAfee activation.

How can you download McAfee activate on a Mobile phone?

  1. Open Google Play store app
  2. Search for McAfee mobile security
  3. Choose one from the results appeared
  4. Press Install button
  5. Let it auto-download and install
  6. Launch the McAfee activate app on the display
  7. Press on the ‘options’ icons
  8. Click ‘McAfee login
  9. Enter the login credentials associated with mcafee com activate, which you have purchased
  10. Now, mcafee enter product key code
  11. After doing all the steps correctly you will get an option ‘submit’

You have successfully installed the app on your mobile device. Make sure that your plan includes accessing the subscription on more than one device. In case due to any reason, your McAfee app stops working then uninstall it as it may slow down your device. Follow the steps below to uninstall McAfee from your mobiles.

How can you uninstall McAfee from Mobile device?

  1. Click and Open ‘McAfee Mobile Security’
  2. Now, open ‘Menu’ option
  3. Select Uninstall
  4. Your McAfee will get uninstalled from your device

This is how you can uninstall the McAfee mobile device easily. Follow the steps carefully as if you perform any misstep then an error may occur.

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