Is it possible for a mobile phone battery to track you?

Cybercrime has reached to a point where one cannot claim if anything is secured. Now with the help of mobile battery, your online activity can be tracked. Security researchers have found that the battery status API of mobile devices can be used to track people online as it can be good or bad sometimes.

In some instances, this wont to upsell services purchased through a mobile app, ride sharing “surge pricing” for instance. Here, what you have to understand is regarding the privacy and security problems raised. Norton helps you to know more about it for this, you need Norton setup.

What is the Battery standing API?

The Battery standing API was introduced in HTML5, and this was supposed to offer web site homeowners data in order that a version of internet sites designed for users on low power devices may well be served. This API “allows web site homeowners to check the proportion of battery life left in a very device, also because the time it’ll fancy discharge or the time it’ll fancy charge if connected to an influence source” consistent with a story on the analysis.

This is all on the face of it harmless data. Because the security researchers found out, the mixture of battery life as a share and battery life in seconds creates a pseudo-symbol for every mobile device. That is if the device is often known from one out of fourteen million doable mixtures.


An ad blocker or a VPN cannot stop somebody from taking advantage of the battery standing API to spot you and track the sites you visit. However, there’s some extent of safety in numbers you’re one among fourteen million doable computers.

It isn’t exactly glorious if web site homeowners, whether or not a publicist or company, square measure actively victimization or following data from the battery standing API. Because the story develops, privacy or security implications are often higher glorious. Need to be told additional regarding protective your mobile privacy and security? Scan on for some best practices. You need Norton setup install in your device to use these beneficiaries.

Mobile Security Best Practices

  • Download apps from official app stores
  • Third-party app stores might not place apps through an equivalent rigor as official app stores like the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store
  • Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi from your mobile
  • An unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot may place your mobile knowledge in danger
  • Check an application’s settings before you transfer

Beware of apps that raise you to disable settings that may build your device security vulnerable or permits access to knowledge on your phone’s memory that may compromise your privacy.

Norton Mobile Security scans apps before you transfer victimization App consultant (powered by Norton Mobile Insight) that mechanically allows you to fathom malware, privacy and alternative risks. This proactive protection additionally includes lost or taken device recovery that departs an alarm to seek out it quickly or see the placement of your missing phone or pill on a map. The antivirus helps you to know more about it for this, thus, you need Norton setup.

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