How to uninstall McAfee total protection from Windows 10?

Uninstalling useless programs is one of the most crucial steps to improve the performance of your computer or mobile. However, the process of uninstalling any software may vary depending on the operating system. Especially, when you have the software synchronized with your computer, the program removal takes more attention. The same goes for McAfee; when you want to uninstall McAfee from your computer, you initially require removing your account from it.

Uninstall McAfee total protection

Users who access the security software on Windows 10 computer have to follow a slightly different procedure to uninstall McAfee than older versions of OS. If you have a paid version of the app and want to transfer the subscription to another account, you need to uninstall McAfee from the older device.

Please ensure that you have not deleted any file from the source folder, as it will cause failure to McAfee uninstall. In case you did, try to recover all the files and proceed with the manual process to uninstall McAfee.

How to uninstall McAfee total protection from Windows 10 PC?

  1. Launch McAfee Total Protection on the screen
  2. Go to account and log out
  3. Close the app
  4. Click the Start button and go to settings
  5. Select System option from the menu
  6. From the page appeared, click on Apps & Features
  7. Search and select McAfee
  8. Click on the option to see Uninstall button
  9. Click uninstall and confirm your choice by click Uninstall again

Make sure you do not close the uninstall McAfee window, else it will create unnecessary errors. Moreover, the software may not uninstall completely if you suspend the ongoing process of uninstall McAfee. Now, even after following steps manually, you encounter any trouble, do not take any chance and connect with a support provider. You can also choose to uninstall McAfee Total Protection by using an advanced, reputable uninstall tool.

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