How to uninstall a program on Mac?

Removing or uninstalling a program on Mac can be very easy if you follow the right procedure to do it. Sometimes, finding the program which you need to delete can become annoying and it demands you to become a detective because it might be running in other locations on the hard drive of your computer. Although deleting programs on Windows is quite easy because of the in-built feature, but it is not the case with Mac.

uninstall a program on Mac

Why would you want to uninstall a program on Mac?

You might want to uninstall a program on Mac because it might be causing trouble in your work or it is not in use anymore. Just like you tidy up your workplace or your clean your house, in the same manner, you need to clean your devices to improve their efficiency.

Program disorder might also result in inefficiency that is why you might to remove them as soon as possible. Also, any newer version of a program might have stopped working as it should be and it will only work properly when you get rid of the old one. Most of the time, uninstalling is as simple as cleaning your room.

Steps to uninstall a program on Mac

  1. Close the program which you want to uninstall.
  2. Now, open the App or Program folder by going to the new window in the “Finder”.
  3. You can also find the program by directly on the hard disk icon.
  4. Drag the icon of the program which you want to uninstall and move it to trash.

When all the programs are located in one folder, it becomes easy for you to find the files or programs you want to uninstall. In Mac, such programs are “bundled”. If you want to find the files from the bundle, click on the program icon and hold down the “Control Key”. You will see an option which says “Show package contents”, where you will easily find the list of programs. Right click on it and click on the “uninstall” option and you are good to go.

Do not forget to empty your Trash when you’re finished uninstalling the program from your Mac. The program will actually be removed only if you empty the Trash.

Here are some other important tips:

  • Before you empty the Trash, make sure it is contains nothing you might want to save.
  • Log on as your computer’s administrator whenever you want to uninstall a program.
  • If you opt to use third-party uninstall utility, look at the features carefully and then move forward.

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