How to run Avast Sensitive Data Shield?

There is no dearth of antivirus companies nowadays and choosing the best one is so complicated task since all are giving the best security features at cost-effective prices. Avast is also a leading cybersecurity provider that has been in the security industry for a long time and its features like CyberCapture, SmartScan, Wi-Fi Inspector, and Sensitive Data Shield are helping out the consumers and businesses for protecting their devices from the online threats.

Sensitive Data Shield prevents your important data from any unauthorized access, malware, and spyware because we can understand how important it is to protect the data from cybercrooks. If somehow they manage to steal your data, then they ask you for ransom and at that situation you may have to fulfill their demands else they can exploit your information.

Follow these steps to run the Avast Sensitive Data Shield:

  1. Go to the Avast user interface
  2. Now select ‘Privacy’ then ‘Sensitive Data Shield’
  3. Hit ‘Scan Now’
  4. Now scanning has been started if you want to stop, choose ‘Stop Scan’

While scanning, Sensitive Data Shield checks all your important documents, hard drive, every page of every file. Average taken time depends on how many files you have stored on your computer.

How to protect the data?

  1. Hit ‘Protect All’ by going the list of categories
  2. Hit ‘Done’. Most of the times it will ask you if you want to protect your document

So now, your sensitive data is fully secured.  In case any suspicious user trying to access the data without your permission or logged in, Sensitive Data Shield blocks all the access to prevent from the further damage.

Note: Make sure you have updated versions of Avast Premier and Avast internet security. If you find any difficulty while updating the antivirus then uninstall Avast and reinstall it using the standard guidelines.

For more information on how to run Sensitive Data Shield or you can call the customer care number and they will glad to assist you in a best possible way.

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