How to regain possession of a hacked smartphone?

Your smartphone knows you better than any person on this earth, probably much deeper than you yourself do. It knows where you are, whom you talk to, and what you have talked about. It has all the crucial information related to you- your pictures, passwords, contacts, documents, and much more. In short, your smartphone serves as a digital passport for hackers to gain access to everything available on their devices. There are ways you can protect it. One is by installing McAfee security software via on your smartphone.

Hacked smartphone

Attacks on smartphones are on the rise. The risk is attackers may log in to your account, spam your contacts, or may give way to expensive long-distance charges. By accessing your passwords through your smartphone, hackers are able to keep hold of your sensitive financial information. That is why it is important to know whether your smartphone has been hacked.

Telltale signs of a hacked smartphone

Performance variations- if your device is operating slower, your web pages and apps are hard to load or your battery level falls down unexpectedly or you are exceeding your daily data limit. These signs hint towards the presence of malware that might be running in your background without your knowledge. This could happen because you might have downloaded a malicious app or clicked on a suspicious link.

Unknown Apps or Data- if you see certain apps that you have not downloaded, or calls/messages/emails you haven’t send, the probability of your system to get hacked increases. The hackers could send premium rate calls or messages to spread malware to your contacts by using your infected smartphone.

Pop-ups or unusual Screen Savers- malware can also hide behind pop-ups and change your home screen settings. This can also lead you to suspicious websites and configure changes to your device, which is another big clue which hints towards a hacked smartphone.

If you see any of these signs, it is time to take action. You can start by deleting apps you didn’t download on your own, delete unsafe messages, and run mobile security software on your smartphone.

McAfee All Access for your smartphone

It is a one-stop solution to simply manage your smartphone. You can easily add new devices to your McAfee All Access. You can keep hackers and identity thieves away from stealing your information and identity. If you have updated your smartphone with McAfee All Access you can search, shop, surf, and do online banking safely. In addition to this, you can detect and remove spam and dangerous emails. To protect your smartphone with McAfee All Access, do the following needful stuff:

  1. Sign in to your account using your McAfee login email and password.
  2. Tap the “+” icon.
  3. Select the smartphone you want to add and tap “Send Link”.
  4. Select “McAfee All Access” and click “Next”.
  5. Select your country.
  6. Add your mobile phone number which belongs to the smartphone you are adding.
  7. Click on the link that you have received from McAfee.
  8. Download the page in your mobile browser.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to get through with the process.

Note: If the problem still doesn’t go away, you can consider restoring your phone to its original settings or uninstall McAfee and reinstall it.


To secure your smartphone, use McAfee products downloaded via You are advised to lock your device and not to save passwords, avoid using public Wi-Fi, never leave your smartphone unattended in public and lastly stay alert of suspicious activities around you.

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