How Does Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus Work?

Webroot, the most trusted provider of security software, needs no introduction. The company understands the diverse security needs of consumers and businesses, thus, designs and develops a wide range of anti-viruses. You can easily purchase, install, and uninstall webroot (when you upgrade to the latest version) on any device. Not just for Windows and Mac, one can also find dedicated security solutions for the mobile devices (Android and iOS).

For Android devices, it offers Webroot Mobile Security and Antivirus that has exceptional security features and follows a systematic approach to ensure a regular scanning. Here is how it works:

  1. It follows comprehensive protection techniques to ditch the viruses and online frauds
  2. It protects your identity while you surf online
  3. With URL filtering categorizations, it blocks the websites that are malicious and may infect your device
  4. It blocks all mobile threats including the ones that are silently injected by malicious applications
  5. It helps you locate your stolen device
  6. It also provides you an option to wipe off all your phone’s data from a remote device
  7. It ensures regular scanning and performance boost up

Why is it necessary to secure your mobile phone?

You download several applications on your mobile phone and some of which may contain viruses or ask you to provide your confidential information. If those applications are from an authorized source then you can trust them. But if you get the same from a third-party then these applications may infect your device or steal the confidential data available on it. Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus makes sure that no malicious activity can take place on your device.

With auto-updates, Webroot updates new virus definitions that help the antivirus to detect the new viruses easily. If you wish to get this specialized security solution right away then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google PlayStore
  2. Search for Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus
  3. Tap Install
  4. This will start installing and downloading the Webroot antivirus
  5. Open the application
  6. Login to your Webroot account by providing the registered email ID and password
  7. If you are a new user then create an account
  8. Your device is now secured!

At any point, if you change your device and want to uninstall Webroot from it then simply press the icon for a long time and you will see the option for un-installation. You can also go to the Settings and then Applications to uninstall the antivirus.

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