How to download and install norton antivirus?

Downloading and Installing Norton antivirus for your device protects your devices from viruses and unwanted intrusions, which hampers your devices. If you want to have device security so that there is no data loss and unwanted damage you should install Norton. You can perform the installation process on Windows, Android, Mac, and IOS devices.

download and install norton

You have to go through different products for Norton antivirus before purchasing the antivirus as every antivirus delivers different services. Norton provides security facilities to you and with such facilities who do not want to download and install Norton.

Here are the steps to download and install Norton Antivirus

  1. Visit to download and install Norton.
  2. Click “Sign in”
  3. If you are already a Norton user you have to click “Sign in” to access your Norton account to install Norton else click “Sign up” to create an account.
  4. Type your email address and password if you are an existing user else create a user name and fill details as asked by clicking “Create an Account”.
  5. Now “Get Started” page will appear, here you have to click “Download Norton”.
  6. Enter a product key to continue

Note:  You will receive the product key at the time of purchase of the antivirus.

  1. Click “Enter a new product key” to proceed for norton install process.
  2. Enter the product key and click “>”.
  3. Now, click “Agree & Download”
  4. Choose the product you want to download and click “Next”.

Note: if the product you desire is not on the list, click “Load More”.

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser you have to click “Run”.
  2. If, you are using Safari or Firefox you have to click the “Download” option to view the downloaded files.

Note: The Download option is present on the top-right corner of the browser.

  1. Double- click the file which you have just downloaded.
  2. If, you are using Chrome the download option is present on the bottom-left corner.
  3. now, the “User Account Control” will appear, you have to click “Continue” to proceed further to install Norton.
  4. Follow the instructions given on-screen
  5. Complete the instructions on the screen for the successful completion of the Norton install process.
  6. The installation process may take some time depending upon the working speed of your devices. So be patient.
  7. Your Norton antivirus is now, successfully installed on your devices.

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