How to crack down Unexpected McAfee Server login error?

An unexpected error will make butterflies flutter in your stomach if you have no clue on how to tackle the issue. For new subscribers, if they fail to download McAfee products by using McAfee account they recently created while purchasing the subscription, would be the last nail on the coffin of their trust over McAfee. However, it does not mean that an error is expected every time you try to login to your McAfee account to download the product. It simply means that an error has occurred probably due to some incompatibility issue or you might have entered wrong credentials to gain access to McAfee account.


McAfee account enables you to download and install McAfee activate which is an executable setup file that you download via Aside from this, McAfee log in account gives you multiple reasons to care for it:  

  • Easy access to McAfee products
  • Avail latest offers and discount packages
  • Pay monthly charges for subscription via McAfee activate account in 3 simple steps
  • Complete privacy in your account
  • Get instant notification for latest updates and offers
  • Manage your McAfee activate subscription and products at one place.

If you fail in your attempts to download and install McAfee activate file via by using McAfee account, it might be for many reasons including a scenario when the installer might display a message that reads an unexpected server login error. Try again sometime later.

What causes this error?

This common error occurs for a number of reasons including typing mistakes while entering your login credentials, forgot password, selected wrong country and language while downloading and installing products.

If you leave the error as it is, you might not be able to unfold your subscription package. You won’t be able to access your purchased products, won’t get any notifications for updates or offers, in short, it will derail your online security and you won’t be able to activate McAfee services.

In case of language and country error, you need to reselect both the options correctly and try again:

  1. Exit the McAfee installation Wizard
  2. Make sure that you select the correct language and country for your purchase in the drop-down menu located at the top side of the page. If the language is incorrect, then tick the right one.
  3. Try to install McAfee activate

If the problem isn’t resolved yet, then you’re recommended to follow the guidelines to run the pre-install tool:

  1. Go to and download the pre-install tool and save it on your desktop.
  2. Click twice on the executable pre-install_tool.exe file, and follow the on-screen prompts
  3. Review the alert message shown on the screen and click “OK” to consent for the changes.
  4. After the installation of pre-install tool is complete, click “OK”
  5. Click “Close” to restart your system
  6. When your system restarts, try to install the McAfee activate product again

In the end

If your PC still displays the same error, you might need to contact McAfee customer support services by placing a phone call, or talk to their representatives via Live Chat. They will guide you throughout the process of troubleshooting the error and help you bring down the issue.

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