Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser will now run on Mac

Crafted and created three years ago by Microsoft, the Edge web browser was earlier available only on Windows 10 and Xbox. This browser was intended to work on most recent Operating Systems. With Microsoft Edge, you can organize, research, as well as discover the latest content. Having the in-built feature of combining Microsoft Cortana, the users can seek the help of Virtual Assistants to troubleshoot difficulties.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser

Users can take benefits of its various tools such as Learning Tool downloaded via to learn the proper pronunciation of words, improve their vocabulary and much more. In addition to this, the useful websites can be saved through the Hub which displays your browsing history and downloads at a single secured platform.

A month ago, the preview version of Edge for Mac was made available by Microsoft and now its stable version can be downloaded as well.

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Know how to install Microsoft Edge on Mac

The step towards making Edge available for Mac is a great move by Microsoft because of certain reasons. It will prove to be an ultimate web browser for people who do not want to trust their crucial information with Google or its Chrome browser. Steps to install Microsoft Edge on your Mac:

  1. Choose from “Dev” or “Canary” Insider Channel.
  2. Download the desired channel from the link given in office com setup page.
  3. Follow the prompts after the installer has been downloaded.
  4. Run the installer just like other Mac applications.
  5. On the completion of the installation process, the browser will launch automatically.
  6. The browser lets you import bookmarks, settings, or passwords from your previously installed browser.
  7. Sign in to your Microsoft account to sync any information from your Edge browser to Your Windows device.


Resolve Microsoft Edge Installation and Update errors

If you are facing any difficulty while installing or updating Microsoft Edge, do the needful:

  • Check for Mac OS compatibility.
  • There shouldn’t be Network error 403.
  • Check for Parental control and security settings.
  • Reinstall and restart your device.
  • Always use the latest version of Microsoft AutoUpdate Tool.
  • Ensure you have proper Internet connectivity.

Here are a few errors that can be eradicated by following a simple procedure:

Failed to Update

  1. Try to update it again after waiting for an hour.
  2. Ensure that the Microsoft AutoUpdate Tool is working properly.
  3. Try typing Command+Shift+G.
  4. After that, type /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0
  5. If a problem is detected, follow the prompts that appear on the screen.

Microsoft is not visible in the applications folder

You might be facing this problem because your Microsoft Edge has not upgraded to the latest build.

  1. To launch the app type Command+Space.
  2. In the search box, type “edge”.
  3. Select the desired Insider Channel.
  4. Try downloading the file again if it still does not appear.

To conclude

Microsoft takes web browsing to another level by offering services such as new HTML engines to help users explore their creative minds. Along with this, it also ensures that you do not face any difficulty while updating or installing edge on Mac or any other Operating System.

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