Avast is a leading name among the top security software and antivirus providers in the world. With a wide range of antivirus available on Avast web store, you can pick the one which suits to the specific security needs of your PC, Mac or Mobile device.

Uninstall Avast

This Czech multinational cybersecurity software company has categorized its products into three categories:

  1. Security- Ultimate, Premium, Internet Security, and more
  2. Privacy- Secure Line VPN, Anti Track, Passwords, and more
  3. Performance- Cleanup Premium, Driver Updater, and more

This classification indicates that the cybersecurity brand delivers the best solutions to cover your devices, data, and the internet network. In other words, with an Avast antivirus on your device, you can be sure of your digital privacy and protection against the viruses, spyware, malware, malicious downloads, and other online threats.

To get any of the Avast security solutions, you have to go through four processes- purchase, download, install, and activate. However, if you already have an antivirus (a previous version or an Avast antivirus with basic protection features) installed on your device then the first step is to uninstall avast via https://support.avast.com/en-us/article/Uninstall-Antivirus. This un-installation is also needed when you buy a new device and want to switch the license of your already purchase Avast antivirus on it.

Steps to uninstall Avast antivirus may vary according to the operating system installed on your device.

Avast uninstall

For Windows 10

  1. Sign in to Windows with your admin account or a user with the admin permissions
    1. Before you start, quit all the programs
  2. Now, right-click the Start menu and go to Apps and Features
  3. From this, choose the version of Avast antivirus installed on your system
  4. Choose Uninstall and click Yes, if you see the User Account Control dialog box
  5. Click Uninstall on Avast Setup Wizard
  6. To begin the uninstallation process, hit Yes
  7. Wait till this process finishes!
  8. Restart your device
  9. Your device is no longer protected by Avast antivirus

For Windows 8

  • Before beginning with the un-installation process, quit all the running applications and make sure you are logged into as an admin or a user with administration permissions
  • Open the Start menu and go to Programs and Features
  • From the sub-menu, right-click the Avast Antivirus program
  • Hit Uninstall from the drop-down menu
  • Now, hit Yes when you see the User Account Control dialog box
  • Click Uninstall, when prompted by the Avast Setup Wizard
  • Click Yes and wait until the un-installation finishes
  • Restart your device

For Windows 7

  • Access your PC as with all the admin permissions
  • Quit all the ongoing programs
  • Hit the Start button and choose Control Panel from the menu
  • From Programs, hit Uninstall a program
  • Right-click the Avast antivirus and choose Uninstall
  • Click Yes on User Account Control dialog box
  • Now, hit Uninstall on the Avast Setup and click Yes
  • Wait till the process finishes!


If you find an error during Avast uninstall process then call its customer support team!

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